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The Day the Crayons Quit

The Family Dinner Book Club selection for February is The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt.

The Day the Crayons Quit
by Drew Daywalt

     Poor Duncan just wants to color.  But when he opens his box of crayons, he finds only letters, all saying the same thing:  We quit!
     Beige is tired of playing second fiddle to Brown.  Blue needs a break from coloring all that water, while Pink just wants to be used.  Green has no complaints, but Orange and Yellow are no longer speaking to each other.
     What is Duncan to do?
        ~from The Day the Crayons Quit book jacket

We read The Day the Crayons Quit, and T colored this page.

We also read these books...

The Crayon Box that Talked
by Shane DeRolf

     Once upon a time in a toy store, there was a box of crayons.  The crayons in it just couldn't get along.  Yellow did not like Red, and neither, for that matter, did Green.  And no one at all seemed to like Orange.  As Blue pointed out, something was very wrong.
     But something very right begins to happen when a little girl takes these crayons home and starts coloring with them.  They realize that the big picture they make together is ever so much more exciting and varied  yes, even dazzling!  than the small pictures they make alone.
        ~from The Crayon Box that Talked book jacket

My Crayons Talk
by Patricia Hubbard

     Crayons do talk  they also shout, swing, scream, and hoot in this exuberant celebration of color and feeling.
        ~from My Crayons Talk book jacket

Bad Day at Riverbend
by Chris Van Allsburg

     Welcome to Riverbend, a sleepy Western outpost where nothing ever happens and, it seems, nothing ever will.  But one fateful day the stagecoach rolls into town, its team of horses covered with an unidentifiable substance.  As the strange stuff spreads its devastation, the terrified townspeople turn to their leader.
     Whatever this evil is, Sheriff Ned Hardy aims to put an end to it.  He mounts his horse and leads a posse to hunt down the source of the curse, but just as they close in on their suspect, the cowboys are frozen in a mysterious light that suddenly fills the sky.
        ~from Bad Day at Riverbend book jacket

Not in the House, Newton!
by Judith Heide Gilliland

     Newton's mom is pleased that he wants to draw quietly while she is busy cleaning house for company.  On ordinary days, Newton is a very good artist.  Today, though, is no ordinary day, and Newton's pictures cause quite a ruckus, enough for Mom to keep warning, "Not in the house, Newton!"
        ~from Not in the House, Newton! book jacket

Purple, Green and Yellow
by Robert Munsch

     While at the 1990 Toronto Storytelling Festival, Robert Munsch noticed a girl named Brigid who was painting her fingernails with colored markers.  He had just the right story for her.
        ~from Purple, Green and Yellow book back

From Wax to Crayon
by Robin Nelson

     How are crayons made?  Follow each step in the production cycle in this non-fiction book.

and, we also watched this DVD....

Harold and the Purple Crayon 
Let Your Imagination Soar!

     Based on the classic book, these adventures star Harold, an inventive and curious toddler with thoughts, desires, and feelings typical of any child his age.  In his Crayon World, Harold can muse on questions that all young children naturally wonder about, and he can come up with his own answers.  But it is not the crayon that is magic.  The crayon is merely the key to unlock the power of Harold's imagination.
     The DVD features these episodes:  Harold's Birthday Gift, A Blast from the Past, Harold the Artiste, Harold's Walk on the Wild Side, Harold in the Dark, Future Clock, and Cowboy Harold.
        ~from Harold and the Purple Crayon  Let Your Imagination Soar! DVD insert

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  1. I bought this for the library of a local school where many of the kids are low income. I read it to a first grade class (I volunteer in the library). The kids applauded at the end of the story. Every class I've read it to has loved it. If I read two books during story time, I have them vote and this is always the favorite.