Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Today, I received this postcard from Germany.

The woman who sent it lives in northwestern Germany in a small village near the town of 
Löningen.  According to what she wrote, she lives in the countryside, and her area is most famous for horse breeding.

If you'd like more information about collecting international postcards, you can read my original post here.

Friday, July 26, 2013


I received this postcard from Portugal a couple of days ago.

This castle has a ton of history...too much to write about here!  A few things I learned are:

  • The Castle of Santa Maria da Feira is a castle in Portugal, situated on a small hilltop overlooking the urban valley of Feira.
  • It is one of the monuments that best reflects the diversity of defenses used during the Middle Ages, having been instrumental in the process of reconquest and autonomy of Portugal.
  • It has been listed as a national monument since 1910.
source:  wikipedia.org

I want to go there!

By the way, if you'd like more information about collecting international postcards, you can read my original post here.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pizza and Games

I got together with a friend of mine for lunch this afternoon.  We, along with our boys, met at a local establishment for pizza (buffet!).  Afterward, the boys played games.  The restaurant had a small game room in the back...and I do mean small.  I think there were all of eight games in the small (and rather warm) room!  :)

They had lots of fun, though, playing several of the games.  They definitely enjoyed the pizza part of it all.  :P

I met this dear woman not long after T was born.  Her son is eighteen months older than T, and she introduced me to a support group of mothers who homeschool children with special needs.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Today, I received this postcard from Taiwan.

The girl who sent it did not include any information about the picture on the front. The words Nanhu Mt. are printed on the back.  I tried to look it up, but I didn't have any luck.

Does anyone know if Nanhu Mt. is a place or landmark in Taiwan?  Maybe it's just a scenic picture of driftwood...and nothing more....

Update - Friday, July 26, 2013:

With the help of a friend (see comments), I was able to learn more about the postcard I received.

  • Nanhu Mountain is a mountain in Taiwan with an elevation of 12,270 feet.
  • Nanhu Mountain is one of the highest mountains in Taiwan.
source:  wikipedia.org

If you'd like more information about collecting international postcards, you can read my original post here.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Book It! Program

Don't forget to enroll your homeschool in the Pizza Hut Book It! Program for the upcoming school year.  There's still time!  You have until September 1st to enroll.

Here is the link to the Book It! Program page where you can request materials.

These are the requirements:
  • You must be a parent homeschooling your child(ren), and the child(ren) must be in kindergarten through 6th grade as of September 1, 2013.
  • Book It! certificates are only to be used to motivate reading.
  • Selling, purchasing, copying, altering, transferring, or exchanging the Book It! certificates is strictly prohibited.
  • One order per household will be accepted.
  • Homeschool group and co-op orders are no longer accepted.

It's Simple:
  • October through March
  • Kindergarten through 6th Grade
  • Set the reading goal.
  • Reward the achievement.
  • Redeem the certificate.
  • Get praise, Passport to Reading, and Pizza Hut pizza.

It's Flexible:
  • Set goals by the minute, by the page, or by the book.
  • Adjust the goals as needed.
  • Have others read to pre-readers.

It's FREE!

I just enrolled...and it only took a few minutes.  :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Today, I received this postcard from England.

It shows fallow deer at New Forest.

I was not familiar with New Forest, so I looked it up...and learned the following.

New Forest is an area of southern England which includes one of the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land, heath land, and forest.

New Forest was created as a royal forest by William I in about 1079 for the royal hunt, mainly of deer.

Numerous deer live in New Forest.  Fallow deer are the most common, followed by roe deer and red deer.

source:  wikipedia.org

If you'd like more information about collecting international postcards, you can read my original post here.

Friday, July 12, 2013

You Are My Sunshine

Here is T's song-themed lunch for today.

  • "sun" grilled cheese sandwich with a scrambled egg in the center and strips of sliced cheese for the sun's rays
  • Sun Chips
  • applesauce with yellow sprinkles in an orange silicone liner
  • milk in a yellow cup

                              ♪♫  You Are My Sunshine  

                              You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
                              You make me happy when skies are grey.
                              You'll never know, dear, how much I love you.
                              Please, don't take my sunshine away.

Previously, I've written about my sunshine.  If you'd like to read that post, you can find it here.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Today, I received this postcard from the Netherlands.

It's beautiful, isn't it?  And yes, the postcard is square-shaped!

The sender said that this postcard depicts an old part of the city of Groninger, which is the capital of the province with the same name.  He explained that provinces can be compared (more or less) to our states here in the U.S.A., except that provinces are much smaller.

He also told me that the ship on the right-hand side is an old freighter...the type that has been used in their canals and lakes.

He adhered two fabulous postage stamps, too!  ~Sorry...no photograph of those.  :/

If you'd like more information about collecting international postcards, you can read my original post here.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Today, I received this postcard from Catalonia.

I wasn't sure where in the world Catalonia is located.  (Am I alone in this?)  I had to look it up.  I discovered the following.

Catalonia is an autonomous community of Spain, with the official status of a nationality. Catalonia comprises four provinces.  Its capital and largest city is Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain after Madrid, and the center of one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe.  Catalonia covers an area of 32,114 km and has a population of 7,535,251.

Catalonia borders France and Andorra to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the east. The Catalan government intends to hold a referendum on independence from Spain in 2014.

source:  wikipedia.org

Okay...there you have it...your geography lesson for the day...and mine, too!  ;o)

If you'd like more information about collecting international postcards, you can read my original post here.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fireworks on the Fourth

...more like on the ninth, actually.  My plan was to make this meal for T's lunch on Independence Day...but, it didn't happen.  :/

  • firecracker-shaped sandwiches (with licorice for the wicks and star-shaped marshmallows for the "sparkles")
  • "pop"corn (with firecracker rocket picks)
  • "JULY 4" (written with food-safe markers) star-shaped marshmallows
  • Mott's Mixed Berry Applesauce
  • cranberry juice

The "fireworks" on the right is a pick, placed in the hole of the muffin tin.

Did you know...?
  • The earliest documentation of fireworks dates back to 7th century China, where they were invented.
  • China is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks in the world.
  • The Walt Disney Company is the largest consumer of fireworks in the United States.
source:  wikipedia.org

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fun and Festive on the Fourth

For supper tonight, I served T's meal in a muffin tin.  Muffin tin meals are great for picky eaters; however, there was no need to coax T to eat since we were having one of his favorite meals:  meatloaf and mashed potatoes!  :)  For fun...and to be festive...is why I put T's meal in a muffin tin on the fourth of July!!

  • meatloaf in a biscuit (like a little all-American hamburger!)
  • mashed potatoes
  • baked beans
  • Mott's Mixed Berry Applesauce

Happy 4th of July!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hooray...for the U.S.A.!

...an Independence Day lunch.

For lunch today, T ate the following:

  • U.S.A.-shaped sandwich
  • Snyder's Patriot Pretzels
  • vanilla yogurt with raspberries and blueberries
  • Newman's Own Alphabet Cookies (U, S, A) with mini m&m's in between
  • milk with Hershey's Strawberry Syrup

The Uncle Sam hat is a ring, and the stars USA is a pick.

My inspiration for T's red (more like pink, actually) milk came from kewkew at Tots and Me.  Earlier this week, she tinted her children's milk blue.  Although, I have to say that when T saw his milk, he said "Pink. Yuck."  (He doesn't particularly like anything out of the ordinary.)

Did you know...?

"God Bless America" is an American patriotic song written by Irving Berlin in 1918 and revised by him in 1938.*

            God Bless America  

             God bless America,
             Land that I love.
             Stand beside her, and guide her
             Through the night with a light from above.
             From the mountains, to the prairies,
             To the oceans, white with foam,
             God bless America, my home sweet home.
             God bless America, my home sweet home.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Red, White, and Blue

...an Independence Day lunch.

For lunch today, T ate the following...

  • star-shaped sandwich on white bread with blue edible glitter
  • white popcorn in red, white, and blue muffin tin liners
  • applesauce with red, white, and blue star sprinkles
  • white milk in a red cup
...all served on a red Solo plate on white and blue placemats.

Did you notice the star stickers on T's white napkin?  ;o)

Did you know...?

The official national colors of the United States are red, white, and blue.

The exact red, white, and blue colors to be used in the national flag of the United States of America are White, Old Glory Red, and Old Glory Blue...as specified with reference to the CAUS Standard Color Reference of America (10th edition).*

Although the colors did not have a specified meaning at the time the American flag was adopted, they did for the Great Seal of the United States in 1782.**

          Red is a symbol of valor and bravery.
          White symbolizes purity and innocence.
          Blue signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice.



Monday, July 1, 2013

Stars and Stripes Forever

...an Independence Day lunch.

For lunch today, T ate the following:

  • star-shaped sandwiches
  • red, white, and blue star-shaped marshmallows in a red silicone liner
  • starburst-shaped tortilla chips in a red and a blue silicone liner
  • sliced carrots and celery arranged like a flag (with dip on the side)
  • applesauce with red, white, and blue sprinkles
  • milk in a red cup

Did you know...?

"The Stars and Stripes Forever" is a patriotic American march composed by John Philip Sousa.  It is the official National March of the United States of America.*

            The Stars and Stripes Forever  

             Hurrah for the flag of the free.
             May it wave as our standard forever,
             The gem of the land and the sea,
             The banner of the right.
             Let despots remember the day
             When our fathers with mighty endeavor,
             Proclaimed as they marched to the fray,
             That by their might and by their right
             It waves forever.


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International Postcard Exchange

I have been collecting international postcards for almost four months now.  It is very enjoyable to connect with other people all over the world!

It is a postcard exchange; however, it is not a direct swap.  This is how it works:  I indicate that I would like to send a postcard, and a random address pops up.  I send a postcard (of my choice) to that person at the address provided.  (I am not given a choice of a country.)  When the postcard I have sent is received, the recipient registers it.  At that point, my name goes into the queue...and when someone somewhere else in the world indicates that he/she wants to send a postcard, my name and address will pop up.  Then, that person will send me a postcard (hopefully!).  When I receive a postcard, I register it.  At that point, (a) the name of the person who sent me the postcard will go into the queue to receive a postcard from someone else, and (b) I am able to indicate (if I choose to do so) that I would like to send another postcard (and will receive another random address).

I have sent postcards to these countries:

  • Belarus (5)
  • China (2)
  • Finland (3)
  • Germany (7)
  • Netherlands (5)
  • Poland (1)
  • Portugal (1)
  • Russia (3)
  • Spain (1)
  • Taiwan (3)
  • Ukraine (3)

I have received postcards from these countries:
  • Belarus (3)
  • Belgium (1)
  • China (3)
  • Czech Republic (2)
  • England (1)
  • Finland (1)
  • Germany (3)
  • Hong Kong (2)
  • Japan (1)
  • Netherlands (3)
  • Poland (2)
  • Portugal (1)
  • Russia (2)
  • Taiwan (2)
  • Ukraine (1)

Note:  The number in ( ) indicates how many postcards I sent / received.

All of the postcard messages are written in English.  :)  Sometimes, a sender also will write a few words in their native language.  That's always fun...and very interesting!

Quite a few people add their individual flair, such as writing the date sent, the temperature of the day, drawing a little picture, adding a sticker or stamped image, etc.  I like to see the many different postage stamps, as well.

When I receive a postcard, I excitedly show it to T.  My plan is to pull out the various postcards as we study each country (over the next several years!).  Wouldn't these postcards make a terrific addition to continent boxes used while Galloping The Globe??!  Ahemnot that I have continent boxes made or anything!  That's another project for another day....  :P

I guess it could be considered a somewhat expensive hobby...considering it costs $1.10 to send a postcard internationally (plus the cost of the postcard itself...usually $0.50 or so).  The good news is, there is not a minimum number of postcards that must be sent.  (In light of that, it even might be considered an inexpensive hobby!)