Friday, September 7, 2012

Animal Park

My husband had today off from work since he worked on Labor Day.  So, he was able to go with T and me on a field trip with T's an animal park.

We saw lots of animals, many of which have been featured in television shows and commercials.

This bear had the right idea.  He was cooling off in the water!

We even saw a yak!  ~You have to love that "letter Yy" animal.  :)

It was the best sort of animal park...where the animals could be petted...

and even fed!

The most exciting part of the field trip was the open bus ride...

into the "wilds."  

The animals came right up to the bus to be fed...bread, which the driver provided.  :)


"Here...have some bread."

"Yay!!  He ate it!"

~Get a load of that tongue!

I loved the photo opportunities.  :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


During Welcome Time at co-op today, T met an Air Force pilot.

The Major shared about the planes he flies...

the equipment he wears...

and so many other interesting things.

In Spanish class, T made the cutest little book for reviewing letters Aa, Bb, Cc, CHch, and Dd of the Spanish alphabet.

In Art class, T learned the five elements of shape...

  • circle
  • dot
  • line
  • curvy line
  • angle

as he drew in his sketch book.

Afterward, T worked on his map (from last week).  First, he scrunched up his map to make it look "worn."

Next, his Art teacher burned it a little.

Then, T stained his map with a mixture of tea and coffee.

Ta Da!!  ~An authentic, centuries-old pirate map!  ;o)

T also created a pirate flag...

looked at books about pirates...

and ate some of Polly's crackers.  :)

At lunchtime, the children enjoyed eating picnic-style...on quilts on the floor.  T took it to the next level!  :)

In Music class, T continued with his study of Peter and the Wolf...

Peter and the Wolf book

and of the instruments of the orchestra.


It was a good day.