Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Star Gazers, Part 1

In September every year, the YMCA Camp Greenville hosts a weekend camping adventure, called Star Gazers, for families who have children with Down syndrome. The camp is located in a beautiful mountain setting at the North and South Carolina state line.

This year, as usual, the weekend began late on Friday afternoon with check-in and cabin assignment.  All of the cabins have sinks and toilets...some also have showers. I've learned from experience to register early!  I'm not much of an outdoors-type person to begin with...but factor in having to walk to a shower house, and I'm not a happy camper!  :P

Our cabin assignment this year - Mulligan II

Slices of a large tree branch were provided...for making name tags.

My husband, making our name tags

T, wearing his name tag

Supper was served in the dining hall.  (It takes T a while to "warm up" to being around so many people.)

After supper, we participated in the ice breaker games.

Dancing a little

And then...the best part of the evening...the campfire and making s'mores!

Toasting a marshmallow

A little closer to the fire works better!

Is it done?


Next, it was time to make our beds.


All tucked in for the night....

Night-night sweet boy....


  1. I had to smile at the "walking to the shower" part. :) I just loved all the darling pictures of T! Thank you enormously for posting them!