Sunday, October 13, 2013

Making Activities Feasible

It was fun...and browse the collection of other bloggers who are taking the 31 Days challenge, too.  In looking through the buttons in the Family Life category, I noticed that someone was planning to post each day about special needs homeschool Pinterest hacks.

31 Days of Special Needs Homeschool Pinterest Hacks

The title caught my fancy:  special needs (check mark), homeschool (check mark), Pinterest (check mark).  I had to check it out.  I'm so glad I did!  I discovered a wonderful blog written by Gabriella Volpe.

First, a bit about Gabriella Volpe:

She is a homeschool consultant for families of children with special needs.

She is a certified teacher with 16 years of classroom experience working with children who have special needs.

She is a mother who homeschools her child with special needs.

She is adept at modifying and adapting curriculum so it meets the specific needs of children with special needs and helps those who teach them.

She is an advocate for her child with special needs.  She defends his rights and speaks in his best interest until he can do so for himself.


Next, a bit about her 31 Days:

She states that she spends hours perusing Pinterest and finds a ton of ideas for homeschooling.  She guesses that we do, too...but that after pinning ideas for activities, we find ourselves never going back to them because the activities are not doable for our children with special needs -- our children who have special needs that prevent them from being able to execute the activities as presented.

For 31 days, she is showing us how an idea for an activity or project on Pinterest can be hacked and adapted/modified into something that is doable for a child with special needs.
She is giving details on how to make the activities and projects she finds on Pinterest feasible for a child with special needs.


You should check it out!  :)  She is very insightful.  Her posts are bursting with helpful ideas and doable adaptations and modifications!

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  1. Ah! How grateful I am that you wrote this, Koogle! Thank you for the link-up and I look forward to reading more about your personal journey.