Monday, July 16, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba Party

After T's papa got home from work, we had our own little threesome party.  First, we went out for pizza...another of T's favorite foods.  Then...the real party started!  ;o)


T opened his card.

T opened a present.

He really liked it.  :)


We lit the 12 candles on T's cake.  We almost could roast marshmallows over that small bonfire!

T was so serious while we sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

As soon as we finished singing...almost before!...he blew out his candles.  He was ready!!

It was lots of fun for all of us.  :)

The cake toppers are puppets I printed, cut out, laminated, and taped to balloon sticks.  The other cake decorations are the same, just "attached" to the cake with icing.

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