Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Christmas in July

aka Colonial Williamsburg, Part 3b

Inside the Greenhow Store, jars full of 18th-century-style candy and a display of cinnamon sticks greet visitors.

As we were wandering through the store, my mom picked up an old-fashioned candle holder and asked me, "What's this...a doughnut maker??"  That struck me as so funny, that I turned around and said to my dad, "Mom thought this was a doughnut maker!"  However, as soon as I had spoken, I realized it wasn't my dad standing there...it was Santa!

We had a nice conversation.  I told him how less than an hour earlier, T had pointed to a fireplace in a building we were touring and said "chimney, Santa, Barney" (thinking of a Barney Christmas VHS movie we have at home, which he watches year-round).

Don't you know that that sweet, kind Santa went outside where T was sitting and sat down next to him so I could take a picture?  He was so good with T; he even asked T about Barney.  It was totally delightful...and all so unexpected!  :)

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