Monday, July 2, 2012

Colonial Williamsburg, Part 1

We explored Williamsburg today...the homes, gardens, trade shops, taverns, and government buildings throughout the historic area.

From 1699 to 1780, Williamsburg was the political, social, and cultural capital of Britain's largest, wealthiest, and most populous colony.

We started with a tour of the Capitol.  Our tour guide was very knowledgeable.

The Virginia Capitol at Williamsburg had two symbolically balanced wings:  the people's House of Burgesses met in one, and the Governor's Council and General Court in the other.

General Court

Next, we toured the Public Gaol.

This was Virginia's chief prison which housed debtors and criminals.

An impregnable window, open to the elements

A strong cell door

Here Blackbeard's pirates, captured in 1718, were confined until the day of their hanging.


After touring Charlton's Coffeehouse...

we were served a choice of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

The Apothecary Shop carried a wide variety of medication and popular remedies of the day...everything from herbs and elixirs to ointments and tinctures.

Galt and his partner, Pasteur, also provided surgical, midwifery, and general medical services.

Surgical instruments used in
amputations and operations

Where should we go next??

The silversmith worked on a silver bowl.

The milliner...

also sold accessories, games, ceramics, and sewing supplies.

Wetherburn's Tavern was one of the best known taverns in Williamsburg.  A distinguished clientele was attracted by the good food, drinks, and festive social life.

The public dining room

Local people used the tavern as a place of entertainment where dancing, eating, and drinking, or perhaps a game of cards or dice, went on into the night.

The Great Room, a public dining room, was used also for large private dinner parties.

The Great Room

Large public sleeping spaces would accommodate several simple beds.

Additional public sleeping spaces included this passageway.

The wigmaker's occupation required exacting skill.

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  1. The posts from your trip have been so fun to see. I love Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, etc!