Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jamestown Settlement - Powhatan Indian Village

Today, we visited Jamestown Settlement.

We started by viewing a docudrama film, 1607:  A Nation Takes Root, that chronicled Jamestown's origins in England, the colonists' struggle to survive and thrive in Virginia, their interaction with the Powhatan Indians, and the arrival in 1619 of the first Africans, from the kingdom of Ndongo in Angola.

Next, a tour guide dressed as a Powhatan Indian showed us a re-created Powhatan Indian village.

T and our tour guide

close-up of outside

inside - view of side

inside - view of end

We learned how the Powhatan people farmed, hunted, fished, and gathered to obtain materials needed for housing, clothing, and food.

growing corn

T, mounding dirt around the
roots of the stalks

T, using a hoe

Grinding corn and making cordage are activities Pocahontas would have helped with as a child.

We learned how the Powhatan Indians made arrows for hunting...

and hooks for fishing...

and needles for sewing....

It is uncertain what these were for....

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