Monday, July 16, 2012

Birthday Breakfast

Today is T's birthday!  My boy is growing up.  He is 12 years old today.  :)

I fixed this special breakfast for him...his favorite:  pancakes.  (To clarify, I mean "fixed" as in frozen pancakes...not pancakes made from scratch and cooked in the frying pan!  ha.)

  • ice cream cone - 2 mini pancakes and a waffle cut into a "cone" shape
  • banana split - a banana sliced in half and 4 mini pancakes with "toppings" of chocolate syrup, vanilla glaze, and strawberry syrup...with half of a maraschino cherry on top
  • 12 - bread cut with number cutters

T didn't want toppings on his ice cream; he said "off."  So...I wiped them off.  He likes his pancakes and waffles plain...i.e., no maple syrup.

Happy Birthday, T!!

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  1. Lovely birthday breakfast. Hope T had a wonderful day!