Saturday, July 28, 2012


T and I drove to Kentucky yesterday.  We spent the night with my BFF and her family.  My friend and I met in college...and that was a long time ago!  I somehow managed to let 10 years slip by without seeing her...but once we were together, it was like we'd just seen each other yesterday.  That's how it is with a BFF!  :)

Today, the three of us drove to Illinois for a week-long vacation!  Fun!!

We stopped at this rest area, the Chicago Southland Lincoln Oasis, in Illinois.  I have never seen the like.

We are staying at the Fox River a beautiful area, but it will take us almost an hour and a half to drive into Chicago.  I think that tomorrow I will have to rest from two days of driving...and leave the big city of Chicago for the following day!

This is my friend's bedroom and kitchen.

This is our bedroom and the main kitchen.

Check out our Jacuzzi!  :)

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