Friday, July 11, 2014

Gurleyville Gristmill

A woman from Connecticut contacted me recently to request a direct swap.  I received two postcards from her yesterday.

This second postcard shows images of the Gurleyville Gristmill, located in Mansfield, Connecticut.

Shown are:

  • stone gristmill
  • miller's house
  • gristmill interior

The Gurleyville Gristmill is located on the Fenton River.  A gristmill was built on this site in 1750 (approximately).  It was replaced in 1835 (approximately) by the present gristmill (shown above) that operated until 1941.  The gristmill was constructed of stone and is the only stone mill of its kind in Connecticut.

The miller's house was the birthplace of Wilbur L. Cross in 1862.  He served as the governor of Connecticut from 1931-1939.

The gristmill interior shows the 19th century grain hopper and millstone hoist.

source:  Joshua's Trust

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