Saturday, July 12, 2014


I received this postcard today...from Belgium.

The image is of Heilig-Hartcollege (Sacred Heart College) in Maasmechelen, Belgium.

The sender didn't write anything (not one word) on the back of the postcard...and although the back of the postcard includes printed information about what is pictured on the front (above), I'm not able to translate....  :(

Come to think of it, I hope the words printed on the front of the postcard are appropriate for posting...since I'm not able to translate....


  1. The building is a College and Middle School in the city of Mechelen, Belgium. Under the picture is written: 'Sometimes i even got lost in this building'.
    At the high left: 'At the time about 40 professors worked and lived here', and at the right 'Even in the towers were rooms for the professors'.

    1. Thank you very, very much for taking the time to translate!