Saturday, July 19, 2014

Coral Reef

For lunch today, T enjoyed another bento with a coral reef theme.

His lunch consisted of:

  • two angelfish-shaped sandwiches (each with a candy eye)
  • puffed goldfish crackers
  • "CORAL REEF" Scrabble Junior Cheez-It Crackers
  • peach yogurt (in a small blue bowl with a waves design)
  • Little Debbie coral reef cake
  • milk (in a shaky cup with a blue and green fishes design)
There's also a coral-colored shell ring next to the sandwiches.

I was thrilled to discover a tank displaying a coral reef at the Riverbanks Zoo!

This was printed on a sign posted next to the tank:

What is Coral?

Corals look like plants or rocks,
but they are colonies of tiny animals.
Up close, each "polyp" looks like a
sea anemone, with a sac-like body
and mouth ringed with tentacles.
Polyps feed on tiny prey that drifts
into their stinging arms.

There were other signs posted, too.

Hard corals secrete stony skeletons
in many different shapes and sizes.

Soft corals have flexible skeletons.
Sea whips and sea fans bend and wave
with the currents.

Riches of the Reef

Reef communities contain
a dazzling diversity of life.
Every inch of colorful coral
is covered with anemones,
algae, urchins, sponges
and other clinging life.

There are more kinds of fish here
than anywhere else in the sea.
Some are drab and inconspicuous;
others boast gaudy colors
and fantastic shapes.
All are abundant.

This is a close-up of what T is checking out!

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