Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Birthday

I had a happy birthday today!  :D

First of all, my husband took a half-day vacation in order to have two new tires put on my van...and that wasn't even my birthday present!  
;o)  (I had a flat tire the day before.)

Then, he actually made a birthday take me out for supper!  And (knowing how I like my options), he gave me a choice of four great places to eat:
Copper River Grill (steak, seafood), Fatz (endless ribs!), Mythos (Greek, Italian), or Portofino's (Italian).  I chose Portofino's.  I love that restaurant, and I love their manicotti.  (Guess what I ordered for supper?!)

Afterward, I opened a card from my husband, a card from T, and a gift from T.

set of two flour sack towels...
for my apple-themed kitchen

My husband told me that he had shopped for my gift last weekend, but ended up having to order it...consequently, it won't be available for "gift-giving" until tomorrow or Friday when it arrives in the mail.  No problem; I can wait!  :D

I also received so many other nice expressions of love and friendship.  I received four birthday cards in the mail, an e-card, four e-mail messages, four telephone calls, and 25 facebook posts!  Yes 
 a happy birthday, indeed!  :)

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