Friday, September 27, 2013


Today, I received this postcard from Austria.

The sender wrote that she is 19 years old and lives on a farm with her family.

She also wrote that she is planning to move in December to the city, Linz, which is the third largest city in Austria.

She added that she thinks most people believe Austria is like Germany because their language is the same, but that Austria is "so much 'bigger' as it seems...."

Austria has a population of 8.47 million...
        and covers 83,855 square kilometers (32,377 square miles).
     Germany has a population of 80.3 million...
        and covers 357,021 square kilometers (137,847 square miles).


I might try to take a picture of the stamp so you can enjoy seeing it.  It is both large and beautiful!  :)

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