Friday, September 20, 2013

The Process

In the first art lesson, Brenda Ellis (author of the Artistic Pursuits curriculum we are using) states that it is quite common for adults to think that the purpose for a creative project is about the finished product or the result.  (Yes, I've been guilty of thinking that!)  For the child, it's about the process, not the result.

She encourages parents to grasp the importance of allowing children to experiment and enjoy the process of working with various materials.  She reminds us that by allowing children to create, we are giving them time to practice something good that they will be able to use for a lifetime.  (Wow!)

source:  The Way They See It, page 7

Twice this week, T and I talked about a painting by Ambrosius Bosschaert, Bouquet of Flowers on a Ledge, c.1620.

source:  Wikimedia Commons

I set up a similar arrangement:  flowers in a vase, shells, and a bug.

On Monday, T drew this picture of the arrangement.

Brenda Ellis suggests drawing with your child...on your own sheet of drawing paper, not on your child's paper.  I tried that on Wednesday, when we repeated the activity. I talked a lot while I was drawing...about the colors I was using, what I observed, what I was drawing, etc.  I think doing that one thing made a huge difference.  (What do you think?)  T drew this picture on Wednesday.

At one point, T pointed to the trees outside the window and said, "trees" as he drew with a green crayon.  He was noting the similarity between the green leaves on the trees and the leaves on the stems of the flowers...and I happened to be drawing the flower stems and leaves at that moment!  

Aren't the flowers beautiful?  I have enjoyed them all week.

I love fresh flowers.  My husband gave me a questioning look when I arrived home (from Wal-Mart) with them on Sunday evening.  I told him they were for school.  His response?  "Yeah, right."  Often, I come home with lots of "stuff" for school...and he says that I can make anything relate to school (to "justify" my purchases).  It's a talent, right??!  lol.

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