Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Birthday Present

The biggest, heaviest, most unexpected birthday present I received today was...a cast!

My foot had been hurting for more than three months and wasn't getting any better. I decided there definitely was something wrong with it.  So three weeks ago, I called to make an appointment with an orthopedist.  The receptionist offered me an appointment on September 17th.  Hmmm...not really how I wanted to celebrate my birthday.  I asked, and the next available appointment was a week later.  I considered my pain level (dire), and decided to take the appointment on the 17th.

I didn't know until I arrived at the doctor's office today that they had switched to a new computer system just yesterday.  They were running behind...way behind. Practically every chair in the waiting room was taken...a mob of people waiting to be seen.  After waiting an hour and a half, I was called to the back.  Six x-rays and an additional 30 minutes later, I finally saw the doctor.

The diagnosis?  Somehow, I had managed to sprain my calcaneocuboid joint...the joint between the calcaneus and cuboid bones in the foot.

source:  Smart Feet Savannah
The orthopedist explained that, unlike an ankle sprain, a calcaneocuboid joint sprain would not heal unless the foot (i.e., my foot) was put in a cast.

Forty-five minutes after that, I was hobbling out of the doctor's office in a cast.

And here's T...holding up his foot in physical and emotional support!  ;o)

Happy Birthday to me!  Hahaha!!

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