Thursday, September 26, 2013


I received a surprise in the mail today:  a card from my brother.  Totally unexpected. Upon seeing the envelope, my first thought was, Did he forget that he already sent a birthday card to me??

It was a get well card...for my foot!  It was so funny...

especially the ways he personalized it just for me!  :D

     He drew an arrow to Snoopy and wrote, "you."
     He drew an arrow to Woodstock and wrote, "T."
     He drew an arrow to Snoopy's smile and wrote, "because of T."
     He drew an arrow to Woodstock's smile and wrote, "because of you."
     He colored a blue cast on Snoopy's foot and leg.

(Does my brother know that occasionally T and I dance together in the kitchen??!)

I showed the card to T...and he loved it, too.  :)  Thanks, bro.!  Love you bunches!

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