Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School Supplies Treasure Hunt

After supper, T went on a back-to-school treasure hunt...for his school supplies.

First, I wrapped his backpack...a new one this year...monogrammed.  :)

I told him it was a special "back-to-school present"...and of course, he was thrilled!

He checked out all of the zippers...4!

He decided to put it on...but had a little trouble.  His papa came to the rescue...and adjusted the straps.

I read the clues to T...and he happily trotted around the house, looking for his school supplies:

markers in the bedroom...

scissors in the bathroom...

notebook in the laundry room...

glue outside...

to name a few.  Regarding the glue...according to the pre-written clues, it was supposed to be on the "grass out front."  Considering it was dark and wet outside (not to mention the fact that T didn't have on his shoes), I opted for the "grass" just outside the garage door!  

The last "clue" was this special note:


You've found everything on the list!

But there's one last supply that can't be missed.

The most important thing you'll need for the whole school year

Is Jesus, the One who will fill you with cheer.

He'll be with you every step of the way --

And He'll guide you and bless you each and every school day.

T liked it so much that he went over and put it in his backpack!  :)

We've never tried a back-to-school treasure hunt...before this one.  It was a lot of fun.  By the way, the cute "clues" (written in rhyme) came from Happy Home Fairy.

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  1. Oh, I love it!!! I know he is delighted with his new "School backpack". -Miss my boy! :(