Monday, August 6, 2012

Nancy Lincoln Inn

We had a full day today.

First, we went to look for a letterbox at the Nancy Lincoln Inn.

The Nancy Lincoln Inn was built in 1928 to accommodate increasing numbers of motorists who were coming to rural Kentucky to visit Abraham Lincoln's birthplace. It was named in honor of Lincoln's mother.

Not only did I find The Mother Lode letterbox, but I also found a hitchhiker!  (That's always a fun surprise.)

A hitchhiker is a letterbox without a permanent home.  A hitchhiker is hidden with another letterbox, and the person who finds it is expected to take the hitchhiker to another letterbox.

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 at Sinking Spring Farm in a log cabin located where the enshrined log cabin now stands.

This is the Memorial Building which houses the log cabin.

T wanted his picture taken on the steps in front of the building.

This is Sinking Spring.

The welcome center had some displays for viewing.  I think this was the Lincoln family Bible?

Thomas and Nancy Lincoln,
their daughter Sarah,
and their son, Abraham

This is T, waiting patiently for me to take a ton of pictures.  ;o)

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