Thursday, August 9, 2012


We saw many corn fields as we traveled through Indiana and Illinois, hence the inspiration for T's lunch today.

  • ear of corn in husk - sandwich and celery sticks (with Ranch Dressing on side)
  • popcorn
  • Indian corn - applesauce with sprinkles

We learned some things about corn.

Illinois produces 1,934,400,000 bushels of corn, 15.71% of the U.S. production.
Indiana produces 826,500,000 bushels of corn, 6.71% of the U.S. production.
(source:  where food comes from)

The Corn Belt is a region of the Midwestern United States where corn has been the predominant crop since the 1850s.  Most corn is fed to livestock, especially hogs and poultry. The U.S. produces 40% of the world corn.
(source:  wikipedia)

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  1. Such a cute idea for a theme! I especially like your sandwich and celery corn.

  2. Best looking corn I've seen in a LONG time! This drought has the corn crops looking horrible!