Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Hike

We went letterboxing this afternoon:  my husband, T, and I.  My husband doesn't typically go with us.  However, when we're looking for letterboxes deep in the woods, I do feel safer if he's with us.

Clue #1 -- Cross the first bridge.

Clue #2 -- See a birdhouse on the right.

Clue #3 -- Find a trail marker on a tree.

See a bee on a leaf.  (No...not a clue!)

Clue #4 -- Find the Genie hiding at the far end of a log.

It seems that every time my husband is with us, it starts to rain.  I don't think he really enjoys letterboxing...and I've decided that he must wish the rain upon us so that we can quit and go home!  Maybe I should add that he's not especially fun to have along?  Sarcastic comments seem to issue from his mouth, and he gets kind of grouchy.  Hmmm...maybe I just should carry a baseball bat or something for safety's sake??  lol.

Yes...we were deep in the woods, and it started to rain.  It was a long hike back to our vehicle.  He asked me (as we were trotting down the path in the rain), "Are you still having fun?"  Actually, I was.  :)  I didn't mind getting wet.  T didn't seem to mind either.

I spotted a turtle on the path on our way out of the woods.

At least after all of that, we found a letterbox!  ;o)

Then we went to eat comfort food:  pizza!  A nice Memorial Day was had by all at least two of us!  :)

P.S.  I do think it's nice of my husband to go with us.  I appreciate him for it.

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