Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scarecrow Meal

For supper tonight, T had a scarecrow muffin tin meal.

The "pumpkin patch" is a pumpkin-shaped muffin liner filled with romaine lettuce and jumbo pumpkin sprinkles.

The scarecrow is a peanut butter sandwich, topped with fruit roll-up overalls and shirt.  The patches are "sewn" with a food writer.  The hat is cut from an end piece of bread and decorated with a strip of fruit roll-up and jumbo leaf sprinkles.

The scarecrow face is:
     eyes - dried cranberries
     nose - triangle of fruit roll-up
     mouth - "X" sprinkles

The straw is potato sticks.

The bird is a mini heart-shaped sandwich, decorated with edible glitter and sprinkles for the eyes and feet.  ~Didn't have anything black for a crow...so it's a bluebird!  :P  (I forgot to add a beak....It looks a little like a walrus, eh?)

That's a haystack beside the scarecrow...more potato sticks, bundled with a piece of fruit streamer, and jumbo pumpkin sprinkles.

T went for the salad first.  ~No surprise there!

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  1. I love this, it's so cute! Great idea to use fruit roll ups, I shall look out for them on my next grocery trip. :)

  2. The scarecrow is so cute and wonderful! Lovely job :)

  3. I wish my girls would go for the salad first. Way to go.