Saturday, May 24, 2014

Owl Invitations

In a couple of weeks, I'm hosting a wedding shower for my niece who is getting married in July.  For the party, I decided to go with an owl theme.  (My niece likes owls.)  Although I looked high and low for invitations with an owl theme, I was unsuccessful in locating any.  So, I made the invitations.  :)

I purchased kraft note cards with envelopes, owl ribbon, an owl rubber stamp, and a moss green stamp pad.  (Later, I purchased a chestnut brown stamp pad, because the green ink didn't show up very well.)

Don't make the same mistake I did and run out of ribbon halfway through the project!  I misjudged how much ribbon I would need.  I knew the roll contained nine feet of ribbon, and I thought (guessed) each card would require a foot of ribbon...
enough on one roll to make eight cards.  Wrong!  I had to use 16 inches of ribbon for each card to make the knot on the front look right.

Here are photos of the finished invitation.

I printed addresses on labels using moss green ink and the same font (Curlz MT)...
and affixed "Celebrate!" postage stamps.

Also, I added an owl sticker to the back of each envelope.

Additional party details are forthcoming!

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