Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gingerbread Family

Tonight, I went ahead and made this gingerbread family meal for T's lunch for tomorrow.

(Tomorrow, T and I will be busy with appointments and pumpkin pie making!)

Here are some of the lunch details:

The gingerbread man sandwich is made on whole wheat bread with sprinkles for details.
The gingerbread woman sandwich is made on honey wheat bread with sprinkles for details.

The potato chips have an edible gingerbread man pick.  I cut a gingerbread man shape from pie dough using a mini cookie cutter.  Next, I baked it, and then I sprinkled it with cinnamon-sugar.  I put some peanut butter on the back of it to hold the toothpicks in place.

The cookies are Pepperidge Farm Ginger Family gingerbread cookies.

The applesauce is decorated with gingerbread man sprinkles.

My guess is that T will like his lunch...especially since it contains cookies, which is not usually the case!  :)

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