Monday, November 11, 2013

Carousel, Act 1 (continued)

I made this meal for T for lunch today.  It is based on the musical, Carousel, by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II.

  • sailboats > boat-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with pretzel masts and paper sails
  • herring > goldfish crackers
  • clams > lemon cookies

Synopsis of Act 1, continued

More than a month passes, and preparations for the summer clambake are under way.  Julie and Billy are married now.  Julie confides in Carrie that Billy, frustrated over being unemployed, hit her.  Billy arrives with his ne'er-do-well whaler friend, Jigger.  The former carousel barker is rude to Enoch and Julie, then leaves with Jigger, followed by a distraught Julie.  Enoch tells Carrie that he expects to become rich selling herring.

Jigger tries to recruit Billy to help with a robbery.  However, Billy declines since the victim, Mr. Bascombe (Julie's former boss), might have to be killed.  Mrs. Mullin enters and tries to tempt Billy back to the carousel, but he would have to abandon Julie.  Billy is mulling it over when Julie arrives and tells him that she is pregnant.  Billy is overwhelmed with happiness, ending all thoughts of returning to the carousel.

Determined to provide financially for his future child, by whatever means, Billy decides to be Jigger's accomplice.  The whole town leaves in sailboats for the clambake...and Billy, who earlier refused to go, now agrees to join in.  He realizes that being seen at the clambake is integral to his and Jigger's alibi.

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