Friday, May 17, 2013

Hot Dog Doggie

Isn't this Hot Dog Slic'R just the cutest thing?!

Its attributes include the following:

  • creates bite-size pieces in an instant
  • includes bowl for a favorite dipping sauce
  • no sharp blades ― safe for children
  • top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA free

I simply placed a hot dog on the base, placed the hot dog slicer over the hot dog, and pushed down.  In an instant, I had created lots of fun, bite-size pieces!

The doggie food bowl holds a favorite sauce or condiment for T's case, ketchup.  :)

The hot dog slicer is designed to fit standard-size hot dogs and can be used with sausages as well.  Obviously, the hot dog I sliced for T was hot...however, it would work on cold hot dogs, too.

Santa's elves were super-busy last year.  It was almost Christmas, and they were running out of time to make all of the toys for which children all over the world wished, as indicated by the many lists Santa had received.  So, Santa sent Mrs. Claus shopping at Wal-Mart...and she found the Hot Dog Slic'R for T's stocking.  :D

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