Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Luray Zoo

Next, we headed over to the Luray Zoo.

Luray Zoo is a rescue zoo that provides a safe and permanent home for unwanted, confiscated, or abused exotic animals.

This zoo houses an extensive collection of snakes.

T is checking out a snake!

We saw many unusual birds.

Scarlet Macaw

The Macaw is a large bird common to Central and South America.  These colorful birds can grow to a height of over 30 inches and a weight of over two pounds.  They use their large, hooked beaks to crack open Brazil nuts and to slice fruit.*

Eurasian Kestrel

This Eurasian Kestrel was born in captivity and was bred to be a falconry bird. Sadly, she was born with a deformity called angel wing.  As a result, she has only 70% use of her right wing and can't fly well enough to catch prey.*


The Gyrfalcon inhabits arctic regions in North America, Greenland, Europe, and Asia.  It reaches a length of 24 inches and a weight of two to four pounds and prefers open areas and rocky cliffs from which it can hunt easily.*


The Kookaburra is recognized easily by its long, sharply-pointed beak.  It inhabits woodlands in Australia.  It is the largest species of Kingfisher and reaches a height of 18 inches and a weight of one pound.*

I think my favorite was the tiger.  I've never seen a tiger so "up close and personal" before.

This Bengal Tiger was born in captivity on July 4, 2003.*

Bengal Tiger

The coat of a Bengal Tiger varies from reddish-yellow to rust brown.  These tigers reach a body length of five to nine feet and a weight of 350 to 550 pounds.  They are found throughout India, with smaller populations in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Burma.*

T loved the petting zoo.

T was having so much fun that he asked us to buy more food for the animals to eat.

T is signing the word more.

How could we resist that sweet boy...and those hungry animals??!  ;o)

T definitely was very "into it" until the donkey made his presence known!

He brayed so loudly...on and on.  T covered his ears with his hands and started to truck it out of there.  We had to coax him back...but he would not go anywhere close to that poor, hungry donkey for the longest time!


A Wallaby is only pregnant for 30 days before she gives birth.*  I think this Wallaby has a little one in her pouch.

We also saw Ring-Tailed Lemurs; however, this one was my favorite:

My Ring-Tailed Lemur!

~A warm day and a worn out boy!  :)

*source:  Luray Zoo


  1. Those snakes are SO COOL. I kinda want one. Also, llamas. I'm jealous. ;D

    1. Maybe I can get one for you, Clover, for your upcoming birthday. I mean, hey, you officially will be an adult, right??!! :P