Wednesday, September 5, 2012


During Welcome Time at co-op today, T met an Air Force pilot.

The Major shared about the planes he flies...

the equipment he wears...

and so many other interesting things.

In Spanish class, T made the cutest little book for reviewing letters Aa, Bb, Cc, CHch, and Dd of the Spanish alphabet.

In Art class, T learned the five elements of shape...

  • circle
  • dot
  • line
  • curvy line
  • angle

as he drew in his sketch book.

Afterward, T worked on his map (from last week).  First, he scrunched up his map to make it look "worn."

Next, his Art teacher burned it a little.

Then, T stained his map with a mixture of tea and coffee.

Ta Da!!  ~An authentic, centuries-old pirate map!  ;o)

T also created a pirate flag...

looked at books about pirates...

and ate some of Polly's crackers.  :)

At lunchtime, the children enjoyed eating picnic-style...on quilts on the floor.  T took it to the next level!  :)

In Music class, T continued with his study of Peter and the Wolf...

Peter and the Wolf book

and of the instruments of the orchestra.


It was a good day.

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  1. That looks like a very fun co-op. Lots of fun activities going on. I think my favorite activity has got to be that map!
    You reminded me that I need to be thinking of something to offer to teach at co-op this year. I am just struggling with coming up with something.
    Thanks for sharing on Throwback Thursday Blog-Style. So glad you stopped by. I can't wait to see what you share this week.