Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Sahara

I made this "hot" lunch for T today...camels and pyramids in the Sahara.

  • large camel = sandwich cut with camel-shaped cutter
  • blanket on large camel = cut from Extremes Rainbow Berry Sour Candy
  • small camels = chocolate chip animal cookies
  • large pyramid = sandwich cut into triangular shape
  • small pyramids = bread crust cut into triangular shapes
  • sun = peach-flavored ring-shaped jelly candy with two mini yellow m&m's in the center
  • sand = crushed Nilla Wafer cookies
  • hay = shoestring potatoes

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  1. So wonderful! A great way to do "hot". The shoestring potatoes are a great idea for hay and the camel blanket is beautiful.

  2. The Sahara is definitely HOT! Great job! Love the camel & blanket!

  3. Love this!! It goes with a King Tut one I did back in April:

    1. I saw your King Tut bento, day last week when I was browsing your Bentos on the Bayou blog! :) You did a terrific job on your egg sheet and nori Pharaoh!!

      Actually, ALL of your creations are fabulous. I was so impressed! :)

      Have you been to Egypt?

  4. Thanks for the compliments on my "hot" bento! I voted for yours today :) Adore the whole thing, camel with the blanket & perfect pyramids in the background! Have a great week.

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! ~Also, thank you for your vote. I truly appreciate it. :)

      I've enjoyed looking at the bentos on your Bentoriffic blog. You are wonderfully creative!!