Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let's Go Camping

This camping-themed meal was T's supper tonight.

The tent is a sandwich with pretzel sticks for tent pegs.

The camper in his sleeping bag is a sandwich with a Wheat Thins cracker for a pillow and chocolate jimmies for his facial features and spiked hair.

The campfire is pretzel sticks with red and orange mini m&m's for hot coals.
The mini marshmallows on sticks (toothpicks) are ready to be roasted!
The s'more is graham crackers (cut into small squares), a Hershey's chocolate bar (chocolate wafer cookie cut into a small square), and a mini marshmallow.

The moon and stars are out (Goldfish Space Adventures crackers)...and so are the critters:  caterpillar, ladybug, and butterflies (Bug Bites cinnamon graham crackers).

After inspecting his meal...

the first thing T did was put together his s'more...

to eat!  :)

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