Thursday, April 5, 2012

Visit With Bekah

Miss Bekah posted on her family's blog some highlights from her time with T when he was in Tennessee.  I couldn't help "borrowing" it for my blog...with her permission, of course!  :)

~And I quote:

YAY!!!!  T is back!

My precious little buddy just spent another two weeks with me and, as always, we had such a marvelous time together!

T is always so happy to see his Miss Bekah!

We toured Shiloh Battlefield and museum.

T worked so hard in his school time each day!  During this visit, he learned to graph and to read and understand graphs.

He also learned to measure with a ruler...

...and to locate several more states on the map!  T now knows and can name Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, and South Carolina!

Here are some photos of T with a few of my students.

This sweet friend wanted to give T a ride on the swing... T asked to give him one!

This friend said, "I'm sorry, but I had to wear a hat to my lesson because I need a haircut and my hair is a mess!"  T reached over and whisked off his hat and put it on his own head!  :)

Our neighbor is T's big buddy!

One afternoon, we rode to the back of the farm to gather tadpoles.

T enjoyed watching his friends scoop them up!

This was so much fun!!!  One afternoon, T and I pitched a tent in the front yard!

We had such fun setting it up and playing in it!  (See how he loved it?!)

"Bekah's swing?" was still T's most frequent request.  (I'm delighted by how much he enjoys it!)

We all went to my grandmother's house for supper one evening.  T ate a big (and delicious!) supper.  Afterward, we read some stories; then, content and with a full tummy, he reclined on the couch and fell fast asleep.

I love you, T, and I miss you!!!!!!

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