Monday, April 2, 2012

Tennessee Visit

I am sooo happy to have my sweet boy home!  :)

My niece and I left on Thursday morning to drive to Tennessee.  We were late leaving, so we didn't stop...other than once for gas and once for fast-food, which we got "to go."  We made the 8 1/2 hour trip in...8 1/2 hours!

We spent two nights with Miss Bekah and her family.  Then, my niece, T, and I left on Saturday morning for our trip home.  Once again, we drove to Georgia and spent the night with my parents.  It was a nice way to break up a relatively long trip, not to mention the fact that I love to see my parents!  :)

We looked for one letterbox on the way to Georgia, but...more about that in another post.  Other than that, it was a rather ordinary trip.

My husband drove over and met us at my parents' house on Saturday evening. I think he missed T as much as I did...and decided he couldn't wait until Sunday evening (when we were due to arrive home) to see him!

We were in two vehicles, of course; however, we all drove home on Sunday afternoon.  I dropped off my niece at her house, and then I returned my rental car. From there, my husband, T, and I went to a Mexican restaurant for supper...and then home.

I like to travel...but it always is good to be

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