Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Hearts

This was T's lunch today.  (I think I'm on a roll here!)  ~Nothing fancy...just hearts.
<3  <3  <3

  • milk in heart cup
  • heart-shaped cake
  • vanilla yogurt with micro heart sprinkles in pink silicone muffin liner
  • stick pretzels
  • heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • arrows made with stick pretzels, heart-shaped marshmallows for tips, and star-shaped marshmallows cut for tail feathers (whatever those things are called)

I just realized I got the arrows wrong.  I should have put on the heart-shaped marshmallow in the other direction so that the pointed bottom of the heart was the tip of the arrow.  Ooops!  Okay...let's just say that they're child-safe arrows.  Ha.

T's priorities:
Eat cake first...

Eat yogurt second....

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  1. SO CUTE! Love the pretzel arrows! So clever! I may have to sneak one of those on Little Miss's dinner plate :)

  2. So fun. I'm going to HAVE to find me one of the heart shaped sandwich cutters I've seen several of you others use this week! I think your son has his priorities down just right too!

    1. Samantha, I purchased the sandwich cutter at Wal-Mart. They have other shapes, too. :)

      ~Hope you can find one!

  3. Mine would go for the cake too! Great meal by the way!