Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Evergreen Trees

At Bento Blog Network, the theme for this week is green.

T's lunch today consisted of:
  • turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich cut into tree shape and topped with baby spinach
  • green tortilla chips
  • celery sticks and Ranch dip in tiny green cup
  • green grapes with 3-D tree pick
  • green tree-shaped marshmallows
  • limeade with one drop of green food color (because I discovered that limeade isn't green!)

According to Wikipedia, "Green is restful to the eye.  Studies show that a green environment can reduce fatigue."

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  1. What a smart idea to use baby spinach! Love it!

  2. Very nice and healthy lunch:)

  3. adorable :)

    that must be why i'm so drawn to the color green ~ i want serenity! ;)

  4. So happy to see his picture, but (Bekah's poor angel!) his jaws look swollen... Is he feeling better today?

    1. Yes, he's feeling better today, Rebekah. However, his lip is still swollen.
      For those of you who might be wondering...T had a baby tooth (molar) pulled on Monday (the day before this photo was taken). It was very traumatic for him...as going to the dentist always is! :P

  5. Cute tree! It's a shame that my girls won't eat spinach :(

  6. GREEN tortilla chips?? Cool! I love your tree, too.

  7. what a cool green tin. My 2nd son's fave color is green and he would LOVE this tin.