Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jack's Big Music Show

Okay, so here is what my husband and I came up with for our Nick Jr. theme for Bento of the Week...except that I didn't get it submitted in time!  Oh well....

The faces are bread, frosted with tinted cream cheese.  Jack's hair is celery.  Mary's hair is tinted coconut.  The eyes are black sprinkles, and the noses are black jelly beans.

The bodies are graham crackers, frosted with tinted cream cheese.  Jack's shirt has Fruit Loops cereal and a jumbo star sprinkle.  Mary's shirt has Fruit Roll-ups hearts.

The names are spelled with cookies.

The drum is a peanut butter sandwich with a strip of crust wrapped around the edge.

T thought his meal was great!  He watches and loves Jack's Big Music Show.  :)

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  1. So cute! Great job! The drum is awesome! Gonna try that one for my girls... they will love it!

  2. hmmmmmmm... I'd feel like leaving a comment if there was a picture of my sweet buddy on this post! :)

  3. Adorable! I don't know this show, but you did a GREAT job! Sorry you missed the submission deadline. You can submit Friday-Tuesday, and then we vote on Wed & Thurs. I have the upcoming themes posted on the sidebar if you want to plan ahead. There will probably be another theme that this will work for that you can submit in the future. Thanks!