Wednesday, September 21, 2011


For those of you who don't know me, I should introduce the main character of my story.  His name is Talks-with-Hands.

Being big into scouting (Order of the Arrow, in particular), his Papa (aka, Daddy) named him; it's his Indian name.  To simplify things (and to reduce the number of keystrokes necessary to type his name!), I've shortened it to "T."

Anyway, T does "talk" quite a bit with his hands...for two reasons, I think.  The first reason, and probably the main reason, is that he has Down syndrome.  He is not super verbal, and he uses "signs" oftentimes to communicate.

The second reason is that he used to watch the television show, Oobi, on Nick Jr.  Oobi and his friends are real hand puppets ~ hands with eyes...and sometimes a hat, wig, scarf, etc., also.  The "hands" have adorable personalities, and they "talk" to one another.  T likes to make his hands "talk" to each other, too.  Sometimes, his hand even sports a pair of eyes from his Mr. Potato Head set!  :)

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