Monday, September 7, 2015


This is another postcard I purchased (at Sunrift Adventures) yesterday afternoon while letterboxing.

Oconee Station State Park is located near Walhalla, South Carolina.

The Oconee Station Falls (a.k.a. Station Cove Falls) trail is 7/10 mile on a wide, mostly flat, old logging road.  I guess at least some of these wildflowers (pictured above) can be seen along the trail?  I'm not sure; I haven't been to this park.

The wildflowers pictured above (from left to right, top to bottom) are:
     Canada Violet
     Sessile Bellwort
     Dwarf Iris
     Yellow Trillium

At the end of the trail, the Oconee Station Falls trickles over the edge of a 50-foot high ledge.

Of note, the park features several Revolutionary War-era structures.

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