Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dog Boxes

My husband, T, and I went letterboxing this afternoon.  For T, it was a "treasure hunt."  Both letterboxes we attempted to find today were dog-related.

The first box was "Man's Best Friend" and was located at a business where one would take a dog that wasn't feeling well.

Here is T, getting ready to stamp his "logbook" with the treasure we found!

The second box was "Saving Jimmy" and was located at a dog park near this business.

Here is T, who "jumped" in front of my picture of the dog park!

Here we are, on our way to look for the letterbox.

My husband and T relaxed while I stamped my logbook.  (T blew a kiss to me!)

Here is T, getting ready to stamp his "logbook."  He likes to look at the treasure before he stamps!

The owner of this letterbox carved the stamp from a drawing she made of her dog, Jimmy.  She and her family saved Jimmy from an animal shelter.

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  1. Such precious pictures! Thank you so much for posting! Love you!