Tuesday, December 23, 2014


     In Sweden, Pepparkakor (also called Gingersnaps or Ginger Thins) are a traditional Christmas treat.

     The Pepparkakor usually are cut in the shape of little men and women, pigs, or hearts. Sometimes, they are decorated with frosting.

     Pepparkakor also are eaten year round.  Although if it's not Christmastime, they usually are not homemade and are just round in shape.

     In Sweden, it is customary to place the Pepparkakor in the palm of your hand and make a wish.  Then, using the index finger or thumb of your other hand, tap the cookie in the middle.  According to Swedish tradition, if the Pepparkakor breaks into three pieces, your wish will come true.

I intended to make Pepparkakor using one of the many recipes I found on the Internet.  However, I ran out of time.  So instead, I purchased Anna's Ginger Thins at Walmart.

They were quite delicious...although, not as yummy as homemade would have been, I'm sure!  
;9  Sometimes, you just have to go with Plan B!

   A Cookie for Every Country
   Walmart (photo)

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