Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Treats

I prepared these Easter treats for my husband's customer service group at work.

Actually, there wasn't much preparation to it.  I added a "Happy Easter" (from T) label to the back of each wrapper.  Quick and simple...because both time and money are in short supply.  :P

Here is T...ready to go!  T enjoys going to his papa's office and handing out goodies upon occasion.

My husband's boss gave T some Easter eggs.  (My husband's office is having an indoor Easter egg hunt tomorrow for the children of the employees in the customer service department.)  Here is a blurry action shot of T opening his eggs (taken with my husband's Blackberry).

Here is T...feeling happy after giving out his treats.

He did a great job of saying "Happy Easter!" to each person.  :)


  1. The pictures of him are precious!
    That middle one look just like a pic I have of him from years ago, as a little bitty boy at WINGS. -Blurry, yellow polo and all :).

    1. I know just the pic to which you are referring! :) Brings back sweet memories, doesn't it?

    2. :). Just thinking of him always makes me smile.... unless I cry because I miss him so much....:(