Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Sleigh Ride

I don't know if sleigh riding qualifies as a winter sport (the Bento Blog Network theme this week)...but if not, we can pretend, right?  It's definitely a winter activity, and that's good enough for me!  :)

This was T's lunch today.

  • sleigh = peanut butter and jelly sandwich with colored sugar, sprinkles, and jumbo sprinkles to decorate
  • Hello Kitty = peanut butter and jelly sandwich with jimmies and sprinkles to decorate  (The bow is two heart-shaped savory crackers with colored sugar and a jumbo snowflake sprinkle.)
  • snow = popcorn
  • snow-covered evergreen tree = Little Debbie cake (from my freezer!)

I used the sleigh cutter to cut off the bottom of the Hello Kitty bread to make it appear that she is riding in the sleigh.

The Hello Kitty toy is from a Happy Meal...not recently!

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  1. Super cute Koogle! Good to see you linking up!!

  2. Hello Kitty is always the cutest, and your bento proves it. Totally adorable!