Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Winter Secret

This afternoon, T and I went to a book store to hear an author read a Christmas poem she wrote.

Dawn Watkins

She's written a number of books; however, this poem is not available in book form....It was made into a movie.

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A Winter Secret

Afterward, T received an ornament which the author personalized and autographed.

                                Tanasee could not
                                close the door now,
                                For wonder.
                                It was no tree at all,
                                Swaying on the high hill.
                                It was a great stag...

                                ~from A Winter Secret

Then, T had the opportunity to make an ornament with materials the book store provided.  There was a display of five different ornaments, and T was allowed to choose which one he wanted to make.  He *We* chose the ornament that most closely resembled the story line of the poem.  T did a great job...

and was pleased with the outcome!  

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  1. Oh, I just love two of these photos!
    He is so precious!!!