Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My extended family did something new this Christmas...which I hope will become a tradition, because it was So Much FUN!!  After supper on Christmas Day, we played Bingo...complete with spinning cage and numbered balls!

My Mom had purchased and wrapped small gifts.  The bags were labeled boy, girl, boy or girl, man, woman, and any.  Whoever won the game was allowed to choose a prize from the basket.

The basket of prizes

We did make up some rules as we went.  For example, after a player won three games, he or she had to sit out for a game.  At one point, everyone had won at least one game...except my Dad.  (I think my niece had won three games by then.  We decided that she should go purchase a lottery ticket.)  Anyway, we let my Dad play three cards so that he would have a better chance (hopefully!) of winning a game.  He eventually did.  He won the next game after my Mom forfeited her prize to him.  :)

My Dad being silly, because he managed to
pick both prizes that were packages of Snickers

We really did have tons of fun.  We laughed and joked and played for more than two hours...until the prize basket was empty!  :P

All of us with our loot
From L to R:  my Mom, my husband, my younger sister, me, my older sister,
my niece (older sister's daughter), my niece (younger sister's daughter)

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